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August 3, 2022


COURTESY / SUNRISE COUNTY ECONOMIC COUNCIL The future site of the Sunrise County Economic Council’s Small Business & Entrepreneurial Team, which will host startups.



Charles Rudelitch, who is Executive Director of the Sunrise County Economic Council, provided a telling example. Now under construction, not far from Machias Savings Bank’s new headquarters, the Sunrise County Economic Council is building the Maine Street Business Building, a $1.4 million project that will host entrepreneurs and offer dedicated space for startups.


Like a lot of programs devoted to startups, it was outgrowing its current space in Machias. The new space replaced a building long run-down.


COURTESY / SUNRISE COUNTY ECONOMIC COUNCIL The new space for entrepreneurs and startups, now under construction.


In its place, now under construction, is a two-story building that will house entrepreneurs and host programming. The siding going on this week. Cilley said the space will serve as a startup incubator and accelerator program.

“We currently offer virtual startup incubator and accelerator programming, in-person training series, funding and grant opportunities, business counseling, and technical assistance through SCEC’s Small Business & Entrepreneurship division and are building a virtual community experience as well,” Cilley said.

“The MaineStreet Business Building will be the physical arm of our program, where we will bring business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs together, providing the below-referenced spaces and amenities as well as training, collaboration, mentorship, and networking opportunities in a professional, welcoming environment,” she said. In addition, the program will also “continue to be mobile and present in communities across the region.”


Construction of MaineStreet Business Building began in the spring and is on schedule. It will open in early 2023.


The site will offer members access to open co-working and designated desk workspaces, furnished private office and meeting spaces, a large conference room, “relaxation zones” and views of the Machias River. There will also be shared professional office equipment and kitchen amenities, as well as on-site technical assistance and networking and professional development events.


Overall, it will be 3,360 square feet, with nine private offices and four designated desks. In addition to the construction cost of $1.356 million, the cost of outfitting the space will be around $100,000. Donors of $25,000 or more included Machias Savings, Bangor Savings Bank, the Sunrise County Economic Council, Northern Border Regional Commission, Libra Foundation, U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Coffin family.


The hope is to give startups a place to grow and thrive, within the downtown of Machias.

“We aim to connect entrepreneurs, innovators, and small business owners with the resources and learning opportunities they need, when they need them,” Cilley said.




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SCEC continues to accept both multi-year pledges and donations to advance the center and its programs and services. Additional information, as well as the building layout and space designs, a regularly updated list of donors, and a complete list of program offerings, partners, and funders, can be viewed at


Click here to view MaineStreet Business Building’s layout!